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EWL Engineering & Construction SdnBhd was established in the year 2010. Though it is still new, it can directly trace its root back to the KwongJin Engineering & Construction SdnBhd which was established in the year 1996. Our company specialized in the steel structural fabrication company, which undertakes works for the civil, building, oil refinery, chemical and power plant construction industry.

It begins from planning, co-ordination and management for the procurement of material, fabrication and installation. Structural steel works undertaken are roof truss, factory building, power station, chemical plant and oil refinery.

Over the years, we are proud of our heritage and a group of well-experienced manpower has kept pace with the ever-increasing requirements and techniques of modem industry.

We have some excellent records of accomplishment of co-completing large-scale projects on time and within budget an impressive range of client companies. We always promise to meet the clients’ satisfaction. We are dedicated to the requirements of our customers’ needs and strive for constant continual improvement across all aspects of the business to give our customer the best value possible.

Organization Chart for
EWL Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd



Fabrication Yard / Workshop Specification

Production Capacity Per Year 6000 tons per year
Covered Fabrication Area A 1,115 meter squares
Covered Fabrication Area B 1,115 meter squares
Open Storage or Lay-Down Area 1,900 meter squares
TOTAL WORKING AREA 4,130 meter squares